Aep Extended Payment Agreement

If you are interested in any of these payment options, please contact our customer service at 1-888-305-3828. Criminals often present themselves as duty officers and demand immediate payments to prevent services from being discontinued. This can be done by mail, phone, email or even in person. AEP Ohio, a U.S. electric power company (NYSE:AEP), today (July 6) submitted a plan to the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) to launch a painstaking transition to standard activity. As of March 13, 2020, AEP Ohio has been active under a COVID 19 contingency plan, which provides for a moratorium on service interruptions in the event of non-payment. As part of the transition from the Ohio AEP to standard activity, service separations for outstanding accounts receivable will resume in September after AUTHORIZATION from PUCO. You can choose how AEP communicates with you regarding your electrical account. You can also sign up for billing and payment notifications.

Separations would only occur after several notifications and would provide customers with the opportunity to update their bill. The Ohio AEP warns customers who are facing a possible separation in September, through billing returns detailing the amounts they have had to pay and automated notifications. The September invoices contain separation notifications that provide the amount of payment needed to avoid disconnection and a possible separation date. Good morning, Maria. We are sorry to hear that they are far behind. We know that many people are fighting in these difficult times. We should be able to help them – please call us immediately at 800-672-2231 to check your account and discuss some payment options. Thank you very much. For private, commercial and industrial customers facing financial difficulties, AEP Ohio proposes expanded payment terms and the abandonment of deposit requirements. To be eligible for payment agreements, customers must pay part of their outstanding balance and the remaining balance will be added to future invoices. Payments that were not made between March and July 2020 are temporarily abandoned. Take immediately by credit card, bank card or e-check.

Business customers can only use e-check. A $1.85 fee is charged for all BillMatrix transactions. BillMatrix`s phone number is 800-611-0964. After paying online with your credit/debit card or e-check, you will receive a notification within 24 hours. Payments cannot be booked in advance, immediate payments only. Hello my name is layla n I am unemployed because of Corna 19 now ive on a payment plan n I pay every month, but this month I am not able to make my payment, I am even able to pay the phone bill I just pay a WiFi finnally able to get through a restuartant with a Hi Anita WiFi.

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