Arbor Homes Purchase Agreement

$500 in Earnest Money is all it takes to start the construction process. Your arbor Homes Community Sales Manager will then meet with you to check the sales contract, conclude your selection and make an appointment with one of our favorite lenders to ensure your financing. „Depending on the city, the estimated average value of homes in Greenwood is $100,000,“ says Hatchel, who believes the law could also impact fair housing. „Our average selling price today is about $171,000. This new regulation would increase our prices from $20,000 to $25,000, and 87% of Greenwood homes are under $200,000. But Lains says the city never wanted to negotiate with Arbor because of the price of the houses it builds. Note that these homes are not „cheap“ homes, but they serve middle-income buyers. But neither Arbor nor Willmez got West Bend`s deal before settling down. Instead, Arbor fell back on Willmez to warn the insurer, then interpreted the insurer`s silence that followed as a missing objection to the comparison with the Lorches. Arbor cannot prove that West Bend Willmez accepted the colony of Arbor or Arbor with the Lorches. West Bend provided impeccable evidence that it was unaware of the damage to the house until Willmez and Arbor agreed on their respective obligations to each other and to the Lorches.

And West Bend was unaware of the terms of the deal agreement signed with the Lorches until Arbor`s lawsuit against Willmez was underway. There is no evidence that West Bend „accepted“ an agreement, as required by the voluntary payment provision. Arbor warned Willmez to draw the attention of its west Bend insurer to the Lorches` claims. On May 4, 2007, Arbor also sent a letter to Willmez in which he reiterated the parties` understanding of an agreement with the Lorches and the questioning of Willmez`s liability. In that letter, Arbor asked Willmez or West Bend to contact Arbor Immediately if Willmez or the insurer needed additional information about the transaction. Willmez later told Arbor that he forwarded the letter to West Bend. „Our goal is not to build homes with mistakes or defects in any way, but it does happen,“ Chesney said. Arbor then filed a lawsuit against Willmez in state court, alleging negligence, breach of contract, breach of settlement agreement, defamation of ownership, and constructive fraud. On October 12, 2007, Arbor`s attorney sent a copy of the complaint to West Bend in which he stated that Arbor was insured in addition and asked West Bend to discuss the resolution of the dispute. .

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