Gwinnett Tech Transfer Agreement

Majors who complete their two-year studies can obtain a four-year business degree at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), pursuant to an articulation agreement signed today between GGC and Gwinnett Technical College. Our procedures ensure that only higher education levels, the diploma of courses applicable to transfer credits are eligible; whereas military transfer credits are considered only for proven skills considered by the American Council on Education to be comparable to those of higher education; Collegial equivalence demonstrated through advanced mediation and standardized audit credit; and that such proven skills are comparable to the learning outcomes of the Gwinnett technology course and are consistent with transfer credit policies and standards. The articulation of care with georgia State University is just one of many at Gwinnett Tech, which allows the smooth transfer of credits to other higher education institutions. The GTC/GGC Criminal Justice Agreement is intended for students and aims to minimize the loss of credits and dual courses when a student moves from CGVs to GGC to obtain a bachelor`s degree in criminal justice. This agreement allows Gwinnett Technical College students to continue their training beyond the associate level and obtain a four-year degree at Georgia Gwinnett. Gwinnett Technical College offers more than 150 degrees, diploma and certificate program options that can be completed in two years or less. Joint agreements are constantly negotiated and evaluated to make the transfer between institutions two to four years as smooth as possible. Gwinnett Technical College is hosting an annual transfer fair in February to inform its students about exciting transfer opportunities. „We are pleased to be working again with our partners at Gwinnett Technical College to expand educational opportunities for students,“ said Dr. Jann L. Joseph, President of Georgia Gwinnett College. „This agreement is an asset for students, allowing them to get into the workforce faster while saving time and money.“ You work hard for your course credits, and should be able to take them with you wherever you go! Thanks to articulation agreements between the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), the Georgia University System (USG), the Georgia Independent College Association (GICA) and the following colleges, you can transfer well-written credits between SACS-COC accredited schools. An articulation agreement, often referred to as a transfer agreement, is an officially approved agreement between two institutions, which allows students to apply the institutions acquired in certain programs of an institution with an advanced reputation, entry or transfer of a given program to another institution.

Such agreements help students move from one institution to another by minimizing duplication. Because there are articulation agreements between institutions, they do not ask students to make individual arrangements. The following process describes the steps taken to determine your exemption or transfer credit: In addition, there are articulation agreements between the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), the Georgia University System (USG), the Georgia Independent College Association (GICA) and a long list of other accredited schools bags-COC that today offer many great transfer options to students. For more information on Gwinnett Technical College transfer credits, see .

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