Master Mortgage Loan Purchase And Servicing Agreement

(a) Compliance. Fannie Mae will bring together through SET sellers with services for the purchase and sale of the seller`s stake in the service rights. (c) exemption from liability. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or any other agreement between Fannie Mae and Seller or Provider, Seller and Servicer release Fannie Mae from any liability, claim or expense related to the performance of the other in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Services (service companies) are normally compensated by obtaining a percentage of the outstanding balance of the credits they serve. The royalty rate can be between one and forty-four basis points, depending on the size of the loan, whether it is secured by commercial or residential real estate, and the level of service required. These services may include (but are not limited to) declarations, obligations, collections, tax reports and other requirements. CONSIDERING that, in accordance with the entire loan application and purchase documents (as defined below), the seller will sell the mortgage to Fannie Mae; 1.12. Mortgage Insurance. A contract with a private mortgage insurer that insures or guarantees the total or partial payment of the principal, interest and associated expenses of a mortgage loan. Except in this case, this Agreement, together with the Annexes and Timetables, constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties concerning the subject matter of the Contract and supersedes, in writing or orally, all prior agreements, assurances and understanding of the Parties. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement, the Appendices or Schedules, the Fannie Mae Guides and the Service Transfer Instructions, the order of precedence shall be: (i) the Guides, (ii) this Agreement, (iii) the Annexes or Schedules and (iv) the Service Transfer Instructions. Additions, additions, modifications or additions to this Agreement shall be binding only if they are executed in writing by the parties.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement does not affect or supersede any other agreements between Seller and Fannie Mae, including but not limited to the Master`s Guide and Obligation or any other sales contract between Seller and Fannie Mae. 1.21. Service Fees. Service fees are all of the seller`s responsibilities, rights, title and interests related to the use of the mortgage, as required by Fannie Mae….