Merchant Agreement Traduction Francais

CCD A deposit of credit or direct debit initiated by a merchant to consolidate the funds of that organization, its subsidiaries, franchises or agents or other organizations; or to finance the accounts of its branches, franchises or agents or any other organization. Decline A response from the issuer who refuses to use the card for the transaction attempt. If an authorization request is refused, the merchant must ask the cardholder for another payment method. Billing The process in which a merchant transmits stacks of transactions to the acquirer. In return, it is the process by which acquirers and issuers exchange financial data resulting from sales transactions, cash advances, merchandise credits, etc. Advisory and other service contracts as well as corporate contracts between a member of the supervisory board and the company are subject to approval by the supervisory board. Transaction Fees The amount paid by a merchant per transaction for processing. Performance adults accept arrangement context business colleagues trade company Concept Contact Contract Corporate Deal Discuss senior executives Finance Glass happy men meet men negotiate Money Negotiate Network Network Partners Partnership Sale Smile Success Table Team Work Young All Keywords If a buyer succeeds in a retrobook to the issuer represents the retrobook is cancelled and the money is returned to the merchant. Request for authorization The request for authorization from a reseller to accept a cardholder`s sales transaction.

An authorization request can be made electronically through a credit card processing terminal or by telephone as a voice authorization. Merchant Identification (MID) Number The identification number assigned to a reseller by the acquirer. Stored Value Card A store value card is used by a reseller to issue spending credits to its customers. Reseller customers will receive a magnetic card for cash received, returned goods or other considerations. The card represents a dollar value that the reseller`s customer can use or give to another person. There is no security tied to the card itself. The actual credit record on the card is managed in a stored value card database. PPD A credit or charge initiated by a merchant on the basis of a consumer`s authorization or one-time authorization to make an electronic transfer to or from a consumer`s bank account. Presentation again An attempt to cancel a retrobook initiated by a merchant or acquirer to the bank issuing the retrobook, which is covered by supporting documents.

Terminal Identification Number (TID) number that identifies a reseller for the front-end network. . . .