Salzburg Agreement

Cooperation on transport control began on 22 April 2005 with the meeting of interior ministers in Budapest. Prior to the meeting of experts at the Ministry of the Interior, an agreement had been reached on the need for cooperation, which defined areas of cooperation and presented concrete proposals for the Minister`s meeting. The Buddy Network is an offering of the Austrian International Higher Education Unit in Salzburg. The Buddy Network is a program that should help them get started at the University of Salzburg. If, at the beginning and during your stays in Salzburg, you need one or more Austrian students for (organizational) assistance, you can register at the online address and search for a student in your choice. For any questions or suggestions, please contact the international unit of the International Salzburg International (at) For more information and links, please visit: > study in Salzburg > accommodation. Unfortunately, the University of Salzburg cannot give more than that to the University of Salzburg for accommodation. We are therefore unable to answer questions about your accommodation in Salzburg! At the meeting of interior ministers in Budapest, an agreement was reached for the establishment of a „network of traffic control contacts“ on SF countries, which would contribute to the daily exchange of information and work experiences and the exchange of experts. The name Salzburg means „salt castle“ (in Latin: Salis Burgium).

The name derives from the Salzach water basins, which were subjected to tolls in the 8th century, as was the case for many municipalities and towns along European rivers. The fortress of Hohensalzburg, the fortress of the city, was built in 1077 by Archbishop Gebhard, who made it his residence. [10] In the following centuries, it was considerably extended. Following the success of these measures, the Hungarian traffic police will organise, coordinate and evaluate traffic control measures, in accordance with the provisional agreement of international partners, if approved by ministers. In addition to joint roadside checks, personal interviews and expert meetings are required each year or in six months. (The above-mentioned proposals were implemented at the next meeting of interior ministers in Graz on 28-29 July 2005. Hungary has taken over the implementation of future traffic control measures and Poland, under its semi-annual SF presidency, has scheduled the meeting of experts.) In examining the external dimension of the Salzburg Forum, one of the most important points raised during the meeting was the decision to assist Romania and Bulgaria in their efforts to join the Schengen area. Questions were also raised about a possible Eu-18 agreement on immigration and asylum. [15] Salzburg is located on the banks of the Salzach River, on the northern border of the Alps. The mountains of southern Salzburg contrast with the gentle plains to the north.

The nearest alpine peak, the 1,972-metre-high Untersberg, is less than 16 kilometres from the city centre. The old town is dominated by its baroque towers and churches and the massive fortress of Hohensalzburg. This territory is flanked by two small hills, the Monksberg and the Capuchin Mountains, which offer a green relief in the city.

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