Seedrs Membership Agreement

„member of Seedrs,“ a person who has joined the Platform as a member, including by confirming his consent to the corresponding affiliation agreement, whose affiliation has not been terminated or suspended; „SEIS“ refers to the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme managed by HM Revenue -Customs by the SCEC. 1.12. You can enter into several other contracts with us. For example, you may have already entered into a membership agreement using the website that is supposed to have accepted our terms of use and (if applicable) the pricing terms of the recommendations, and you can also enter a campaign letter of commitment. If you manage to raise capital for the company via the platform, the company can enter into a subscription agreement and/or other investment agreements. All these agreements and opinions and other agreements that you can enter into, or the communications provided to you in connection with your use of the Platform, which we collectively call „platform agreements,“ must be read and interpreted together, but in the event of a conflict, the terms of an agreement that you enter into under these Ts-Cs prevail over these Ts-Cs, while these Ts-Cs take precedence over the terms of a pre-agreement, unless otherwise stated. 13. Definitions We have used some capitalized terms in this agreement, which means that they have specific definitions. In some cases, the definition is defined when they are used for the first time, but in some cases we define the meaning below. The Seedrs platform, which currently includes a website that is currently hosted in the domain and all pages in its sub-domains, may, from time to time after, contain pages hosted in other domains and identified as part of the platform; 10. Communications If you would like to contact us about anything related to these recommendation conditions, you can do so by sending an email to If you find a company you want to invest in, simply click „Invest“ on the campaign page. Enter the amount you want to invest – from only 10 euros up to the total amount the company is looking for – and know if the investment should be public or anonymous.

You will then receive an investment agreement which is a standard agreement between you and us regarding your investment. If you`re satisfied, click to accept, and that`s it – you`ve made an investment! 18.9. Fee. Your expenses and expenses (including professional, legal and accounting expenses) and ours for the preparation, negotiation and execution of an agreement or documentation for these Ts-Cs are your responsibility. The transfer of the sales contract refers to the agreement with which the buyer and seller agree to transfer to the actual beneficiaries shares held under the Seedrs Nominee Structure; 3.2. Transfer fee we pay you if you send a business back to us and it collects money through Seedrs. We call these „Business Referral Fees.“ These fees apply only to the extent that we have a separate agreement with you on the company`s recommendations and the fees are paid according to the method defined in this agreement. Transfer Nominee Agreement refers to the agreement by which a buyer appoints Seedrs for shares purchased on the secondary market; 4.7. As soon as the campaign was closed in accordance with paragraph 4.6, then: 4.7.1. You will confirm the share of the sums committed that the company will accept and, if so, you can refuse any investment from a direct investor, provided that, subject to another agreement between you and us, you will at least have to accept the minimum amount of the objective (the „total amount of investments“ which, to avoid any doubt, includes all investments made by direct investors); 4.7.2.

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