Technology Transfer Agreement Checklist

The licensor, with the exception of what is stated below, is generally responsible for the costs of filing, prosecuting and maintaining licensed patents. This includes future patent applications if improvements are made to the agreement. It is important that the license agreement pre-sells or excludes an assignment. Assignment is generally excluded for the licensee, although there are exceptions. As a general rule, the licensor will ensure that the agreement is binding and provides a financial benefit to any successor to any successor to the licensor`s entire entity (or the part of the transaction that relates to the licensed subject matter) by merger, consolidation or otherwise. The same provision would generally apply to the lessee, with the exception that he is subject to the change of control provisions discussed in the subsection on termination of the contract. Diligence in determining the parties to an agreement ensures accurate identification of the parties to the license and license. For the licensor, this excludes the possibility of extending the licence beyond the intended unit or not including all the companies included. For the licence party, the entire proposed entity extends. The WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist is aimed at those involved in the negotiation of technology transfer licensing agreements. .

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